Dannic Returns to his iconic podcast with the Fonk Monthly Mix

Dannic Returns to his iconic podcast with the Fonk Monthly Mix

Greetings music enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for the triumphant return of Dannic’s iconic Fonk Radio, now reborn in an exhilarating monthly format known as the Fonk Monthly Mix! Dannic extends a warm welcome, inviting you to join him on an electrifying journey through the beats, rhythms, and unreleased gems that define the essence of Fonk.

Dannic’s Voiceover Teaser: In his own words, Dannic shares the excitement, “What’s up, guys! My name’s Dannic, and I wanna wish you all a very warm welcome to my brand new radio show concept – the Fonk Monthly Mix! It’s gonna be full of energy, there’s absolutely no agenda—just proper club music, and a real showcase of the Fonk sound!”

Exclusive Features:

  • Dannic Exclusive: Dive into the heart of creativity with exclusive content from Dannic himself. Unveil new tracks, label material, demos, and even work-in-progress gems. The Fonk Monthly Mix is your backstage pass to the latest in the world of Dannic.
  • Demo or Talent of the Week via Discord: Nurture emerging talents with the Demo or Talent of the Week segment, exclusively through Discord. This platform serves as a launchpad for aspiring artists, bringing fresh sounds to the forefront.
  • Fonk Flashback: Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane as Dannic revisits iconic tracks from the Fonk Radio era and the Fonk Recordings catalogue. For the OG fans, it’s a moment to relive the magic that shaped Fonk.
  • Interactive Requests: Engage with the show like never before! The Fonk Monthly Mix encourages community participation by allowing listeners to suggest tracks or themes for upcoming mixes. Your voice matters, and Dannic is ready to amplify it.

Show Launch and Distribution: Save the date for the grand premiere of Episode 001 on Monday, January 29th. Each monthly mix is meticulously curated by Dannic, featuring a dynamic selection of tracks that have been setting dance floors ablaze.

The mixes will make their debut on radio stations and YouTube on the last Friday of each month, offering fans an immersive experience.

For those eager for an early sneak peek, there’s the option for a Discord premiere or listening party, allowing the Fonk community to come together in anticipation.

Other online versions, including Apple Podcast, SoundCloud, and Mixcloud, will go live on the Monday following the last Friday of the month, catering to the diverse preferences of Fonk enthusiasts.

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Unleashing the Unheard: As an added treat, the Fonk Monthly Mix introduces unreleased, never-heard-before tracks, including Dannic’s upcoming single “Turn It Up,” slated for release on February 23rd on Maxximize Records. This exclusive feature ensures that each monthly mix is a sonic adventure, leaving fans craving more.

Get ready to turn up the volume, tune in, and let Dannic’s Fonk Monthly Mix redefine your musical experience. The journey starts now – click here and don’t miss out on the revolution!

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